:: juggaloJeremiad ::
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JJ: hi! my name is rob. this is the second version of my neocities after i decided to redo everything. this is my first ever site or html project and is a huge work in progress, i hope you enjoy :)

JJ: this site is MADE FOR DESKTOP. it may break on mobile, please come back on a computer

JJ: you are lucky visitor number:

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:: updates ::
added pagedoll
added site favicon
added notes to update log

added site button

improved look of about me page (still a wip)

added background and custom cursor to main page
added about me page

completely redid everything. it is now homestuck themed

made site!
:: update notes ::
so, i'm finally working on the site again. i can't say this'll be updated at all often, but i do have some future plans/ideas in mind. my biggest current to-do is to actually clean up my code on the backend, which won't affect you guys at all but it's bothering me so much that i have to. i also like to keep my ideas secret, but i'll give you guys one: i want to add a dream journal to this site :) i wanted to keep one anyway but i thought adding one to my neocities would be fun. last night i had a dream where they invented a new pizza topping called tupperoni. we'll see how this goes

also, something important that may upset some people: my site will not be consistently homestuck (or vast error) themed. sorry! i want to have fun and experiment with my coding, and that includes messing with themes. i doubt the site will have a singular theme period, as this is my dumping ground for my brain. i do have some more hs ideas in mind however, to appease the populace and my autism. i'm definitely not removing the theme from this page either anytime soon as i'm aburdly proud of the pesterchum nav bar beyond a reasonable amount. that's it for now, smell ya later
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